At World of Water we offer two different types of water to best suit your needs. We have Dewdrop steam distilled water and also Prairie Dew reverse osmosis water. Each is made from a fundamentally differ­ent process, but each results in out­standing quality.


When we say “the purest water possible” we are very serious. The secret is in the process which ensures very pure water. The steam travels through a six chamber distiller, is re-condensed and turned back to water, the water then travels through two carbon filters and finally through an ultra violet light which results in over 99% purity. If the municipal water gets con­taminated, you won’t have to worry about our steam distilled water; distillation eliminates viruses, bacteria and parasites that might be in the water. Dewdrop is worry free water.

Prairie Dew

The reverse osmosis process itself in­volves pushing the water through a membrane filter at high pressure to get as many contaminants out of the water as possible. Our Prairie Dew reverse os­mosis water is put through an ultra violet light post treatment and comes to you at a very reasonable price.